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Figuring Out Fashion by Jay Hunt

This handy little guide is the perfect for helping sewers and anyone who loves clothes. Figuring Out Fashion by Jay Hunt is a handbook to help you balance your wardrobe on a budget.

Figuring Out Fashion by Jay Hunt

Everyone has those garment mishaps with things that didn't really fit or was one of those impulsive purchases. This fun book engages the reality of buying clothing that we never really needed, taking these and re-fashioning them into something original.

The guide starts with a witty look at the steps of shopping, which shockingly knocks the nail on the head and a reality check of our shopping habits. It identifies winning brands, essentials, where it all goes wrong, and a guide to getting your style back on track!

Re-fashioning has become a big part of the fashion and sewing industries in the past few years, so having someone explain how to save those tired or miss bought garments is essential.

The book takes you through everything, from changing necklines and hemlines to changing fabric colours, T-shirt tailoring and dress adjusting. Just about everything you need to know to re-vamp your wardrobe without putting your hand in your pocket!

Figuring Out Fashion by Jay Hunt
We love the little checklists and top tips throughout that help you purchase items perfect for you and guides on the perfect underwear. There's also great advice on updating garments. This book is well and truly packed with everything you need to know about buying and making clothes.