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Simplicity's autumn catalogue celebrates its 90 years in sewing!

Wishing Simplicity a happy 90 years in sewing as their latest catalogue arrives with us!
It's full of new patterns. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come and we'll keep you posted when they're available on Simplicity's UK website.

Past perfection
Simplicity has done it again and come up with a modern take on pattern styles from the 1940s and 1950s. They redesigned them from original patterns from the Simplicity archives. Here's a sneak peak at the new patterns include Simplicity 8460, Simplicity 8463, Simplicity 8464, Simplicity 8458, Simplicity 8462, Simplicity 8452, and Simplicity 8461.

Outer limits
The weather is certainly cooling and along with it, we think about updating our outer wear. Simplicity has come up with some great lightweight coats and jackets with soft construction so you can fight the chill in style. Here's a few of the new patterns - Simplicity 8451 designed by Mimi G, collarless Simplicity 8469,  Simplicity 8467, Simplicity 8468, Simplicity 8473 and Simplicity 8470.

The art of pattern hacking
Following on from the success of this new range, Simplicity has added more patterns to its set of basic sewing patterns that are customisable no matter. Simplicity's pattern hack collection is designed to put the creativity back into your hands.
Make the patterns work for your own wardrobe requirements. Each pattern includes extra tissue paper. They've added two more designs Simplicity 8473 and Simplicity 8474. Click here to see the original patterns – Simplicity 8375, Simplicity 8376, Simplicity 8377 and Simplicity 8378.

Other patterns to look out for
Simplicity has also added more tops to its pattern repertoire including Simplicity 8453, Simplicity 8454 and Simplicity 8455, which include all the trending features such as flouncy sleeves, mix and match fabrics, cold shoulder and frills.