lingerie patterns, #GBSB

Week 3 - Lingerie Week

Testing the remaining 8 sewers in dealing with fiddly patterns and delicate fabrics, but who will crack under pressure

#GBSB week 3

Firstly this week they were challenged with making a soft-cup bra, which proved very difficult for even the advanced of sewers. Secondly transforming a charity shop silk scarf into a beautiful piece of lingerie which was very fiddly and required a lot of patience and eye for detail. The week ended with the sewers having to create a dressing robe fit for their models. 

#GBSB Week 3, Lingerie

Garment of the week

Charlottes hand-finished robe won garment of the week. With perfect sewing and pretty material choices. Hands down was the best finished garment of the sewing week. We love the pattern and the choice of clashing fabrics.

We have chosen some patterns for you to create some beautiful lingerie and gowns, click images to take you to where to purchase the patterns.