Week 5 - The swinging sixties

In this weeks sewing bee, we take a step back in time,
 where fashion was just starting to make a statement and home sewing was at its height


The first challenge this week was making a simple shift dress, one of the most popular and iconic dresses of the decade. This seemed like a simple challenge but the block colour panelled dress was made up of 14 different pieces. We love this dress as it is still fashionable to this day now!

Here are our favourite round up of patterns to help you create this look of block colour shift dress. Make in light- medium weight fabrics such as cotton blends, linen blends, crepe and challis.  

Second challenge of the week saw the sewers having to transform the classic 60s pvc rain coat into something wearable. The judges were looking for creativity and for it not to be recognised as this sheer waterproof coat. Working with pcv is a very difficult material to work with as it does not handle like a normal fabric, it rips, sewing creates holes, its stretchy, slippery, sticky not everything a dressmaker wants when sewing. Joyce won this challenge with her pretty painters top with oversized pocket detail. 




Joyce's winning alteration - 

GBSB Rain Mac alteration challenge

Rain coats
Joyce winning raincoat

The final challenge of the week was to create a 60s style jacket/coat to fit a live model. The sewers had to be carried out with great care and detail as the race to become the sewing bee champ was becoming harder and harder each week. 

This by far has been our favourite challenge over the weeks so far, Jade's cropped jacketed wow'ed us on how much patience, care and accuracy had gone into making it. The material she used was medium weight woollen blend. 

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