For the love of Scrubs

Building on the Government’s online campaign urging people to stay at home, an innovative nurse is urging those with sewing machines who want to help the NHS to #StayHomeAndSew

For the love of Scrubs facebook group was started by 29-year old nurse. Ashleigh Linsdell amassed an amazing 15k members in the first week! Working in a busy A&E, her quest was to make scrubs for her department after they ran out of paper ones. While she’d do this while she was off work in isolation, and between shifts. Now she is gathering thousands of volunteers to make uniforms for NHS workers from their homes amid coronavirus Scrubs shortage.

When members originally joined – stitchers understood that they were paying for the materials themselves as a way of giving back to the NHS. Some couldn’t afford much but put in orders, which would produce five pairs of scrubs. People wanted to help but many couldnโ€™t afford to buy the materials. Now thousands of costume designers, tailors, seamstresses and home sewers have come together to make much needed scrubs for NHS workers in a nationwide effort. More than 9,000 people have since joined to help make PPE clothing from their homes, but they are in desperate need of funding. 

She revealed that healthcare workers can get through more than 10 sets of scrubs per shift, especially those working in ‘covid zones’ who have to change more than usual to avoid spreading the virus. Within days of setting up For The Love Of Scrubs, she has had orders for hundreds of scrubs.

This nationwide campaign is to make the Scrubs for the doctors and nurses and other key workers in health centres, and those retired NHS workers and new volunteers that are returning to work and can’t wear their own clothes. These will be donated to any NHS team who require them.

How the sewing community can help:

Patterns you can download:

To download Ashleigh’s recommended pattern to sew – click here

Laura Casey has just designed a ‘not for profit’ scrubs sewing pattern. To download this one – click here

Sew Me Something has just released a free unisex scrubs pattern. To download this option – click here

Donate materials
Suitable fabrics for Scrubs include navy, black or dark blue poly cottons. They are also in need of appropriate thread and other materials required to ensure these are safe and efficient for working in an acute hospital setting.

To find out how you can help our amazing NHS,
visit the For the Love of Scrubs facebook page – click here