Great British Sewing Bee – series 7

So happy to have had the Great British Sewing Bee (Series 7) back on our screens. Scroll down to find out what happened in every episode!

The Great British Sewing Bee S7 – The Final
Joe Lycett – (C) Love Productions – Photographer: Mark Bourdillon


It’s finally here and time to celebrate! What happened in Episode 10?

The Great British Sewing Bee started with 12 contestants ten weeks ago and now reaches its dramatic denouement, as the three finalists Serena, Rebecca and Raph compete for the title (and trophy) of Britain’s best amateur sewer, taking on a trio of challenges for special occasions!

Pattern Challenge – Little Bridesmaids

Bringing together a range of advanced sewing skills, from couture techniques to the handling of delicate luxury fabrics like duchess satin, silk and taffeta, perfecting occasion wear is a pinnacle for any home sewer. Judges Patrick and Esme start the final by asking the sewers to make a little girl’s bridesmaid dress. This sewing task is packed with complex details including puff sleeves, a lined bodice, couture bound buttonholes and bagged out sash! With lots of pieces to contend with and finishing required to a high level, they have their work cut out!

Here are nine of our favourite pattern’s bridesmaid’s dresses for you to sew!

Transformation Challenge

Next, it’s the sewers’ final chance to show off their instinct for design in the Transformation Challenge. They attempt to turn household items likes cushions, bead curtains and tablecloths into dramatic and fun outfits fit to wear at a fun and flamboyant summer festival. 

Made to Measure Challenge – Catwalk Ready

Finalists get to sew for family or friends, which they haven’t seen for gaes due to the pandemic. And for the most important challenge of the competition, the sewers are ste to sew and construct and fit a glamorous off-the-shoulder evening gowns for their models. They need to create a unique, red-carpet-worthy gown using yards of luxury fabric is a feat of daring construction and requires their most precise sewing yet. Once the final stitch is in place and the catwalk is over – the judges will make their decision and crown this year’s winner. 

Catwalk ready sewing patterns  – Off-the-shoulder Gowns

The all-important final results

With final Pattern Challenge over, Serena wins her sixth time for her silk bridesmaid’s dress! Raph won his first transformation challenge with his ‘hell of lot of fun’ festival outfit.


Congratulations Serena and well done to the runner-ups, Raph and Rebecca!
You have all been amazing!

If you missed the first episode so despair you can watch it over on BBC iPlayer

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