Episode 2

Nine home sewers remain and return to the nation’s most famous sewing room for children’s week. The garments might be mini but they’re a mammoth challenge being fiddly to sew.
To test the sewers’ dexterity, judges Patrick and Esme kick off the pattern challenge with a wardrobe staple of every child – a hoodie. The task requires a tricky combination of hard-to-handle stretch knit fabrics, small pattern pieces and use of the feared overlocker, which ruthlessly cuts the fabric as it sews.
Next, in the transformation challenge, the sewers let their imaginations run wild, turning faux fur coats into fantastical fancy dress beasts.
Finally, the Sewing Bee welcomes dancing mini-models for made-to-measure dance costumes. These must be perfectly fitted but allow enough freedom of movement for the dancing children to perform the Hornpipe, the Tarantella and Highland dancing down the catwalk.

Leah pirouetted her way to the top and won garment of the week with a stunning black and white swan lake costume, and sadly Shelia became the second sewer to leave the Great British Sewing Bee.

recreate the hoodie vibe for your little one with these patterns

Julie Bonnar