How to flatter your figure when sewing

Become your own wardrobe designer - we’ve advice on how to get it right!

Choose a hemline that makes the most of your legs. Most practical and flattering is a hemline that is just above the knee. For more ideas check out Savvy Skirt in the Sewing tips & styling know-how section.

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Make sure you have the correct bra size and that its doing the job it should. For larger busts, choose a bra with slightly thicker straps and not too much padding. For smaller busts, wear a bra that has extra padding in the lower part of the cup so that the bra pushes what you have got up and out! Why not try making your own?

How to take accurate measurements:
Band size: This is the measurement taken under your arm and around the front just above the bust where the straps meet the top of the bra cup. Experts suggest the measurement here should be rounded down to the nearest even inch. 
Bust size: Without pulling the tape measure tight, measure the fullest part of your bust. Expert suggest rounding the measurement up to the nearest inch.

Wear colours on the top or bottom depending on which you want to play up or down  Wear light and bright colours to highlight and dark colours on the areas that you want to cover up.

Pick a pattern range that offers fitting options. Simplicity's Amazing Fit range is tailored to suit different figure types from slim, medium and curvy shapes plus separate pieces for bust sizes A to DD.

Think about your fabric choices carefully and make sure that you select a fabric weight and pattern that will suit your frame ie small petite framed ladies should choose smaller prints.
Fabrics that can be draped are also a good option. Jersey can be seen as fabric that can be a bit on the clingy side but on the other hand, its a very forgiving fabric to wear and will skim and fit your form, and actually make you look smaller.

Make sure you select the correct pattern size. Measure yourself and go by the sizing on the pattern (not the size you pick for ready made clothes). For more information about this check out our guide to How to take accurate body measurements.

Diagonals, chevron prints, asymmetrical hemlines - all angles that are sloping downwards make you appear slimmer.

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Accept that you'll need to make adjustments to your sewing pattern to make it fit you best. Very few of us will match exactly a pattern company’s standard measurements for each of the measurements of a size.

lways wear heels, a little height will make you seem taller and also slimmer. Make sure you wear the shoes when you're taking up the hemline to get the correct length for you.

It's all about making the most of what you've got! Empire line garments and the latest colour block dresses are brilliant at disgusting areas you want to hide. Wrap tops are great as they give the illusion of a tiny waist. Showing a little cleavage with a sweetheart neckline or a little leg with a slit is also a good way of drawing the eye away from troublesome areas.10. EMBELLISHThe rule is that small petite frames can add flounces, beading and bows while fuller figured ladies should keep things more simple and add additional detailing with jewellery or accessories.

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