How to look after your sewing machine

7 tips to help your sewing machine sew like a dream!

Your sewing machine…a lot of people don’t realise that you actually need to look after it with regular tlc. So we have put together 7 fantastic tips on how to look after your sewing machine.

1. Quality comes first

Avoid buying inexpensive, low quality and coated sewing threads, as they’re bad for your sewing machine, produce extra lint and can clog up your machine. 

Over-used or bent needles can cause stitch problems. Make sure you change your needle regularly. Around 10 hours of stitching is a good time to change your needle. Experts say that your sewing machine will have fewer skipped stitches if you use Mircotex needles as they’ve a sharp tip and penetrate the fibre quickly.

2. Lint-free

It’s important to give your sewing machine a brush often to remove thread dust and lint. Don’t be tempted to clean with canned air or to blow inside your machine as this can add moisture, and cause the dust and lint to jam up the machine even more.
Use a nylon brush that comes with your sewing machine (as well as a tiny screwdriver). Doing this regularly will make sure your sewing machine run much quieter too. Of course, always make sure your sewing machine is switched off before doing this! Clean the exterior of the machine with a soft cloth.

3. Lubricate

You’re sewing machine has lots of moving parts so oiling is essential to keep it running smoothly. Always use good quality fine sewing machine oil that’s clear so won’t ruin your projects. Your sewing machine manual will tell you exactly where to put the oil – you only need a few drops. Always clean your machine before adding the oil.

We’ve found this oil pen from Madeira that’s perfect for the job! Find for £8.84 on Amazon – just click on the image.

 4. Regular service

Most of us aren’t very good at having our sewing machines service so when you do, pick a reputable dealer that knows about your sewing machine brand. Ask on sewing forums for recommendations if you don’t know one.

5. Problem solving

If you’ve tried rethreading your machine and changing the needle then the next step should be to clean all the areas that can build up with lint such as the bobbin case and footplate.

 6. It’s a puzzle

Only take small parts of your sewing machine apart at a time to clean putting back together and moving onto the next. It happens to the best of use and it can get very confusing if you have a lot of screws and parts all over your sewing table, unsure of where they all go. If in doubt, always refer back to your instruction manual.

 7. Take the time

It’s a perfect time after a sewing project to give your machine a little TLC. Take a moment to wipe it down with a damp cloth, remove any dust and lint. Your sewing machine will then sew like a dream the next time you use it.

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