How to sew a sweetheart neckline

We share tips on how to sew this beautiful neckline for a romantic night out

What is a sweetheart neckline?

The beautifully curved neckline of a sweetheart neckline features two curves over the bust, which drop and meet at the décolletage in a point and resembles a heart-shape. It’s a neckline is a very flattering but also very pretty neckline for bigger busted women. It can be pretty daunting sewing this neckline so we share our top tips on how to sew a sweetheart neckline.

Styling and sewing tips to achieve the perfect neckline

  1. Bear in mind that the sweetheart neckline results in showing a little more cleavage. So if you want a less revealing look, then you may need to alter and make deeper.
  2. When sewing, always make sure you clip the seams into the curves so that the fabric lays as flat as possible. This also gets rid of any bulky seam areas.
  3. To create a perfect sweetheart neckline you should press as you go. Start on the outer edges of each semi-circular cup and work inward towards the centre of the heart, rather than working from one side seam to the other.
  4. Always measure correctly to make sure that the middle of the sweetheart neckline sits neatly at the cleavage for a perfect fit.
  5. Understitching will prevent facings from showing and will also help you achieve a smoother professional neckline finish.
  6. The sweetheart neckline is meant to show off your curves especially when combined with a defined waistline and full skirt. Why not add some thicker straps for extra support for the bust.

The sweetheart neckline

1. This is a much softer choice than a V-neckline, which doesn’t suit everyone. It’s a lot is easier to sew than it looks.

2. Play up the romantic curves of this pretty neckline with a short necklace, and adorn bare arms with bracelets

3. A sweetheart neckline design doesn’t necessarily have to be on a strapless garment and looks stylish with sleeves

Four gorgeous sewing pattern with sweetheart neckline

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