Printing your own custom fabrics

Be bold and design your own fabrics to create unique sewing projects!

So why print your own fabrics?

Printing your own custom fabrics allows you to give cotton woven and knitted fabrics a wider range of uses from garments to accessories to home decor. Using printed fabrics for the first time can be a bit intimidating so start small and building your confidence! Begin by mixing and matching different prints in complicated designs, this is the easiest approach possible. 

Start small 

If you have never before worked with printed fabrics, begin with small accents you can simply add to basic garments:

  • A white T-shirt or a classic button-up shirt can turn into a funky piece for your wardrobe. Just add a pocket or neckline binding made from printed fabrics.
  • Feeling more adventurous? Then create a raglan shirt with printed sleeves.
  • Or for tote bags and backpacks, use custom printed fabrics to make straps and pockets stand out.

Wardrobe additions

A great garment made out of printed fabrics can become a staple even in a capsule wardrobe. If are not comfortable wearing prints, start with a fit and style that you wear most often. This might be a favourite sewing pattern for a circle skirt, high-waisted shorts or a T-shirt dress.

Try to incorporate printed fabrics through your accessories. Monochrome and muted colured garments can take a whole new twist with a colourful printed bag or scarf. 

Mixing prints 

The best way to sew with printed fabrics is to get creative and mix different patterns and colours. To achieve cohesive looks you have to have a few golden rules in mind:

  • Think of stripes as neutral, plain fabrics – they pair up great with any other print.
  • Mix patterns that vary in size – eg. big flowers and small polka dots.
  • For a polished and cohesive look for prints containing the same colours. For example, if you choose a neon geometric print then try to find another pattern that has neon elements in it too!

Mixing and matching prints is that much easier with fabric printing. Fabric printers offer a huge catalogue of patterns. Here you can easily pick the designs you need to create one-of-a-kind outfits that can help you express your style!

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