Dress shapes and what they are

Quick handy guide to dress shapes and what they are

There are so many different dress shapes out there and it’s difficult to remember all of them when it comes to choosing a shape and pattern that you want to sew. We have put together this quick handy guide to dress shapes and what they are, so you can keep referring back to it when sewing.

Dresses from left to right:

Shirtdress, A-line, empire waist dress, Shift, tent or trapeze , princess-seam, Yoke, drop-waist dress, tunic, asymmetrical hem

So what are they?

Shirt dress – It’s styled as it sounds like a button through shirt.

A-line dress – Shaped like a capital ‘A’ in silhouette, and narrowing at the waistline to flare out to a wider hemline.

Empire-waist dress – A comfortable high waist dress that sits neatly under the bust.

Shift dress – Classic unfitted style made famous in the ‘60’s, featuring straight and simple lines. Usually knee-length or shorter.

Tent or trapeze dress – A pyramid-shaped dress that flares out to a very wide and flouncy hemline.

Princess Seam dress – Fitted dress is fitted with long front seams found that fit the body.

Yoke dress – This dress has a fitted area of fabric along the front and back of the shoulders.

Drop-waisted dress – A dress style where waistline sits on hipline.

Tunic style dress – A dress (or top) with a loose fit, worn slightly shorter and usually with leggings.

Asymmetrical hem dress – Uneven hemline either at the front or back or with different shape layers. Low high hemmed dresses are very popular at the moment.