Mimi G Style's sewing passion to profit

We’re delighted to catch up with Mimi Goodwin from the successful blog MimiStyle.com, and designer for Simplicity patterns

Most sewers will know you for your sewing blog, and successful online sewing tutorials. Tell us how your hobby suddenly became the international brand it is today?

Well that is a lot to explain but in 2013, just a year after starting my blog, I quit my job in film and production, and decided to turn my blog into a full time business. I wasn’t sure what that was going to be exactly, but I knew that I was growing a following very quickly and that my tutorials and DIY projects were trending so I figured if I could continue building those areas of my blog I could eventually create product and grow it into a sustainable business.
In the second year, Simplicity asked me about having my own line of patterns and now I have close to 30 Mimi G Style for Simplicity patterns. In 2016, I started Sew It Academy, which is an online sewing school and I’m also currently working on my fabric collection, book and tour.

Why is the purpose of the MimiStyle.com blog?

The purpose of the blog initially was a personal journal. It was a way for me to keep track of what I was making so I could look back on it. When it caught on, I started realised that what I thought was a fashion sewing blog was becoming a vehicle to teach sewing too.
Since then I’ve taught thousands of people to sew with my tutorials, projects and of course, through sewitacademy.com. It’s more than just sewing, and Mimi G Style is a safe place for all those looking for inspiration, motivation and encouragement to do things that make them happy. It’s the chance to learn a new skill and share it with others who are just as obsessed about sewing as you are!

Four years ago, you partnered with the Simplicity Creative Group. What sort of sewing patterns are you designing for them?

I design clothes, which I like to wear. My patterns have been a hit since I did my first two patterns in 2013. I attribute this to the style and look of my patterns, and also the fact that I design for women with curves!

Mimi Goodwin

Who in the sewing or fashion industry do you most admire, and why?

I admire many people for many different reasons, but I have always been a fan of Diane Von Furstenberg for her ability to know exactly what women want. She’s strong and empowering and such an icon. I’m also a fan Nancy Zieman, I had the honour of meeting her recently, and I was blown away at how warm and kind she is. She’s a real trailblazer and I’m proud to follow in her steps.

What sewing patterns are you currently working on?

I’m working on summer and early autumn 2018. I just finished sewing up the spring samples that we’ll be photographing for the Simplicity front cover. In a few weeks, I will get the test pattern for summer, and the process begins again!
Although Simplicity does all the heavy lifting, I test all my patterns personally and I also sew the final garment you see on the envelope so that I can make sure they look exactly how I imagined.

Do you have a favourite pattern of all-time that you’ve designed?

Yes, whichever one I’m working on at the time, lol! I say that every time, I design something new but if I had to pick I’d say it’s my dress and fall pattern from this season – Simplicity 8451.

You’re keen to share your sewing know-how and have set up a sewing academy called SEW IT. Explain how it works and who can join?

The Sew It Academy was design to help anyone learn to sew without having a any experience whatsoever. Each course builds on the last, so it’s not a series of tutorials but more of a curriculum you follow, and each month you get a new course with a new skill. You work at your own pace, and as long as you’re a paid member you have access to the courses.
The subscription is $11.97, which makes it very affordable. What’s very special is that we make sure the courses are fun and full of information, and with one course a month, it allows the student to work through the course without being overwhelmed. 

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