Tatiana Anninskaia from DressyTalk

The founder and designer behind the sewing patterns, Dressy Talk. She is originally from Russia, but moved to Germany. Tatiana loves sharing her sewing skills so came up with the idea of DressyTalk, a collection of digital sewing patterns and step-by-step illustrated sewing tutorials for any level of experience in sewing

Tatiana Anninskaia

Tell us a bit about your background and where you’re based?
I've been passionate about designing and sewing clothes since I can remember. My earliest is helping cutting out my grandma's dresses. I’m so lucky to have turned my hobby into the best job I could ever have dreamed of and built a career in fashion industry.

I started working in the industry when I was still doing my Bachelor degree in clothing development and production in Saint Petersburg in Russia. After seven years of working in this field designing clothing collections for independent designers to sourcing production overseas for bigger brands. I quit my job and moved with my family to Germany, where I still live with my husband and our nine-month old son. I also did the Master program in fashion management in Germany, and then started my sewing patterns company, Dressy Talk.

How did the idea for Dressy Talk come about, and when did you decide to start selling your PDF designs on Etsy?
In 2015, while I was writing my master thesis, I came back to tailoring and started exploring the online sewing community with all its amazing projects, talented people, and useful resources.
Shortly after, I realised there was a need for modern digital sewing patterns, and I created my first collection in late 2015, which turned out to be quite successful.

Dressy Talk patterns have an unique style, how would you describe your patterns?
I really admire every single pattern, which you can find in the Dressy Talk store. It's not about the patterns, it's about the way they make you feel when you wear your own handmade clothes.
Of course, I have all the Dressy Talk designs in my own wardrobe in a variety of different colours and fabric, and I want everyone, who sews with my patterns to feel the way I do. Wearing your own clothes gives you a sense of confident, style and an achievement when you sew a one of a kind piece of clothing.

How often do you create new patterns for your collection?
I normally create two collections every year, and launch one or two patterns every month. I like to stay in touch with the latest trends, and watch all the fashion shows before I sketch ideas.
Creating seasonal collections is something that I've brought from my background working in the fashion industry, and I really enjoy still following this route.

What would you say makes your patterns different from other independents out there?
The signature style for Dressy Talk patterns is what I like to call transformables. Each sewing pattern is adaptable so lots of garments can be made from one pattern. It all started with the 4-in-1 coat pattern, which was very successful, and set me on the path to continue creating modern and original designs. 

Are there any tips you can share about how sewers can get a professional finish to their makes?
Yes, I say never stop learning, and don't be afraid of challenging projects!

To find out more about Tatiana and her brand, pop on to buy patterns to the DressTalk Etsy shop