Scarves for Water

The Obakki Foundation is bringing clean water to villages in need, one scarf at a time. For every 500 of the limited edition scarves sold, the Obakki Foundation will drill a well. To date this has brought water to more than 2 million people and they’re just getting started


The Obakki Foundation was established by fashion designer Treana Peake in 2009 and its work has focused on meeting the basic needs of people in South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda through the development of long-term solutions for growth.

When launching the Scarves for Water campaign the foundation vowed to provide a clean source of water for many villages where mothers and children would spend hours walking to a reliable source of water to cover their basic needs such as drinking, cleaning and cooking.

With each limited edition scarf dedicated to a village the foundation achieve their aim of empowering the people, allowing them to grow fruit and vegetable, raise live-stock that can them be ‘sold’ to other villages thus allowing the village prosper and grow.

500 of these 'limited edition' Night print  scarves worn around the world build a clean water well for the village of Nukta. Each scarf is packaged with tags and material about the Obakki Foundation’s programs for clean water and information about the community that benefits from your purchase. As you wear this lightweight modal blend scarf, remember its greater purpose.

To find out more visit The Obakki Foundation and vist the Scarves for Water page.