Ruth Maddock Makes sewing patterns

Ruth Maddock Makes has released a new collection of sewing patterns – especially for those with sensory challenges

This dress comes from the Tick Tock collection, and features a mis-matched pattern of a vintage dandelion print. This sewing pattern is available as a paper pattern or digital download. The sewing pattern has been designed for ages 3 years to 10 years, and is suitable for all children but especially those with sensory processing disorder, tactile defensiveness or autism.The seams are worked on the outside (so there are no nasty itchy seams or labels), and the dress can be worn over a T-shirt or tight clothing such as a polo top and leggings. It can also be worn either way round according to the child's preference as back and front are the same. The pockets contain tags onto which precious items can be fastened such at the pom poms shown here.

The pattern comes with full photographic instructions. The fabric shown in this photos is organic cotton knit ultra printed in the 'Tick Tock' design and available from

To buy the pattern by visiting Ruth Maddock Makes