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The 2018 NetPrinter Sewing Pattern Printing Giveaway

There's still plenty of time to enter Netprinter's competition and get your PDF patterns printed for free!

Netprinter has been a leader in the online printing of large scale plans and documents for the last five years. Originally set up to provide plans to the building industry, but realised that its services would be valuable to the sewing world and launched the Sewing Pattern Printing section of the website back last year.

Netprinter competition 2018

The Netprinter Online Pattern Printing Portal was been set up to provide a quick streamlined online service for sewing enthusiasts that need 24 hour, 7 day a week capability to print large patterns in one piece. They now work with a wide range of designers and sewing enthusiasts to deliver top quality printed patterns on demand.

Based in Plymouth in the UK, NetPrinter print all sewing patterns on state of the art machinery and patterns can be turned round for next day delivery, plus there's no minimum orders and orders can be made in just a few simple steps. If you're out of the UK don't fear, patterns can be shipped overseas and is surprisingly cheap!

NetPrinter has a competition for 2018. Every month iduring the year, they will be giving away two prizes of credit, which can be used to order sewing patterns from their website. The first prize is £50 and the second £25.

How to enter
Sewers simply have to visit and submit an email address, name and their five favourite designers or sewing bloggers. Once entered, they'll be out into the draw every month for the rest of the year, which drawn on the last Friday of every month. All winners will be notified by email.

Whether you print patterns periodically, or regularly, it's a great way to be in with a chance of some free patterns and as they say, you've got to be in it to win it!