London girls spark a handmade style revival

Charlotte Hintzen and Elisalex De Castro Peake have just launched a new label By Hand London, aimed at giving women complete control over their wardrobe

Based in Hackney, By Hand London is an independent sewing pattern label for women who love to dress up, stand out and customise their own wardrobe, using a skill revived from their mothers and grandmothers before them.

Creating designs inspired and named after real women, By Hand London is all about championing individual style and celebrating strong femininity. The two launch designs, the Elisalex Dress and the Charlotte Skirt, are an up-to-date take on classic silhouettes and act as a canvas for your unique look.

Elisalex is a dressmaker who previously ran her own shoe label for eco conscious women whilst Charlotte worked in marketing roles in London startups and, since her teens, has carefully cultivated a talent for finding gems in charity shops, markets and car boot sales. This shared love of fashion and craft, combined with a visible backlash against the high street led to the idea of breathing new life and relevance into a 150-year old product, the sewing pattern.

‘I see a growing desire by our generation to learn how to make our own clothes in order to best carve out individual style. The best part of this today is that the internet makes this totally accessible.Being a sewing blogger prior to launching By Hand London, Elisalex knew there was a huge and supportive community of crafters, sewists and DIY'ers online. get near instant reactions to our product from customers, as well as easily being able to interact with them.

Patterns come in beautiful packaging or are available for download from By Hand London.