Make It Coats – new website

Coats has just launched a new web portal for crafters called Make it Coats. This new site will provide crafters with a great digital experience to inspire, inform and teach textile crafters with a passion for sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and embroidery.

It includes over 250 crafting projects, 90 films and more than 4,000 product pages as well as inspirational mood boards, articles and questions and answers. It has been designed so that it’s contents is fully adaptable to be viewed equally well on a desk top computer, tablet or smartphone.

Crafters are able to add individual comments and ratings to featured patterns, products and projects, and on entering the site, crafters can choose to explore four main areas:

  • Discover more about hundreds of free crafting projects, articles, inspirational moodboards of themed collections and meet designers.
  • Learn a new technique through the virtual tutorials, how to care and repair and have questions answered in the ‘frequently asked questions’ section eg ‘how do I make a hem invisible?’
  • Share through blogs and events related to the world of crafting.
  • Product explorer provides a guide through a comprehensive catalogue of Coats Crafts products. brings to life the new Coats brand identity, designed to open the door to a world of inspiration and creativity and to bring together, under one roof, some of the most respected brands within the textile crafts industry.

The call to action ‘make it’ encourages consumers to choose Coats as their trusted craft partner and places it at the heart of the textiles crafts making process. Users can also choose to navigate the site by crafting technique (sewing and quilting, knitting, crocheting or embroidery) or to immerse themselves in the creative worlds of the FreeSpirit and Anchor brands.

The site has dedicated areas for both the UK and the US markets, where the content is tailored towards the most popular types of crafting in each market. The UK site has additional content on crochet and embroidery while the US site has a greater focus on sewing and quilting.  Users can toggle between the content of two sites via a button on the navigation bar.

To find out more visit the Make It Coats website,