Be inspired to colour up with Dylon

Dylon has two new limited edition machine dye colours for this season -
Poppy Red and Pewter Grey

Poppy Red and Pewter Grey are the perfect shades for this season It’s easy to update your wardrobe (or home furnishings for that matter) with splashes of Dylon and it’s even easier to introduce the season’s hottest colours with these ready-salted machine dyes. Both retail at £6.79 and available from Dylon.

Get inspired to add colour with Dylon’s inspirational colour boards for the two news colours:



TIP: We’ve recently used Velvet Black machine wash & dye to revamp several pairs of favourite black jeans that were more like a grey colour with over washing and wearing. They’ve turned out really well and they look like new jeans again! Do heed the advice to wash them by themselves for the first couple of times or otherwise you might turn something black that you don’t want to!