Support a good cause with Megan Nielsen’s Maker Tee

Megan Neilsen Patterns has just created the Maker Tee to support Freeset and women who are fleeing human trafficking. This is a subject that is constantly in the news and one that I think saddens all of us

The Maker Tee will support humanitarian rights for every woman. Each T-shirt is handmade from certified fair trade organic cotton and screen-printed in the heart of Kolkata’s (India) red light district, by women who’ve already escaped sex slavery. These women work in a sheltered workshop under fair trade conditions, and are provided with all the necessary healthcare, childcare and an education under a wonderful organisation Freeset.

Megan has said that the response so far from the crafting community has been amazing and she explains that the slogan on the Tee sums up what so many people like and are proud to do!

“Everything earned goes to Freeset (less the artists fees from the design). I want this to be a sustainable venture that supports Freeset as a business – so the initial investment in stock came from myself, and I’ve structured it such that all earnings are immediately reinvested in new stock. That way I can continue to send them business indefinitely, in a sustainable way, rather than as a once off,” Megan told us.

To show your support the Maker Tee is priced at $35 (AUS) comes in sizes xs to xxl and available from Megan Neilsen.