Opal cardigan is Paprika Patterns' latest sewing pattern

We love the new long line cardigan PDF pattern from Paprika Patterns
is just what's called for during the cold spell!

The Opal Cardigan is perfect to throw on if you want to add a layer your outfit, or just to stay warm this winter. The Opal cardigan has a relaxed fit so you can wear it over anything - there's no tricky buttonholes to contend with and it will become one of your favourite go-to garments.  

It's really quick to sew and can be made over a weekend (our sort of pattern). There are 3 different options to choose from, three different lengths, two different sleeve lengths and two different pockets that have been designed to suit the cardigans' lengths.

Opal cardigan styles from paprika patterns

All raw edges are finished with bands including the neckline and the sleeves have wide cuffs. Fabric choices will determine your cardigan's overall look - go for chunky fabric for a warm and cosy casual look or  light-weight fabric for a sleek jacket look.

The cardigan sewing pattern comes in a great range of 6 sizes (bust measurements from 37 to 53 3/4 inches) and is currently priced at $12 (USD) from Paprika Patterns.