Channel 4's new makeover series - Made over by

Who's exited for the new series? We can't wait to watch this, and maybe get some ideas to make some new funky garments!


When it comes down to fashion we all have our own take on this area of expertise, but everyone has their own style whether it be outrageous funky colours or just plain normal, everyone puts their stamp on clothing! (especially us dressmakers) 

This brand new Channel 4 series focuses on groups of the snappiest dressers across the UK, as they all battle it out to dress a woman who has lost her way in fashion, each group has a passion for fashion and a love to create. 

They are all fighting to create this woman a bold new look! Throughout the series the very different looks will unfold. As we watch the rival teams are also getting sneak peaks of what they are up against! 

The series is due to begin Wednesday 27th July at 8:00pm.