Simplicity and Madalynne's New Lingerie Adventure

Simplicity and famous sewing blogger Madalynnes new Lingerie Adventure! - Due to hit the uk Simplicity New Look website this late August!

Over the past year or so us here at The Pattern Pages have noticed that making lingerie is on the up-rise! With gorgeous patterns being created here and there it was about time Simplicity collaborated with an amazing sewing blogger, Maddie Flanigan, and created some fabulous patterns for all you Simplicity devotees, and they haven't disappointed. 

The lingerie line is aimed at sewers wanting to create the perfect fit in the form of beautiful yet structured lingerie. Maddies passion for making undergarments was the key to creating some new patterns for everyone to have access too! Two luxury lingerie patterns have been made, both soft and an underwired bra, with easy to follow instructions.

We say; We can never ever achieve that comfortable fit, many women struggle finding the perfect fit, so this pattern may be the answer to all our female prayers. 

The pattern is due to be released in the uk late August on the Simplicity New look website so keep your eyes open sewers! - We will keep you updated!