Dress Sewing Patterns · 14 Nov 2018

Calyx Smock from Pattern Fantastique

This floaty, fun and practical smock dress will be a useful addition to any wardrobe

The Calyx Smock is named after a part of the flower where petals and fruit form. “Balanced between the decorative and utilitarian the idea stems from a memory of my Mother’s hairdressing apron she wore in the late ‘70s combined with the handmade gathered smock she dressed me in at the same time,” says fashion designer Nita-Jane.

The Calyx Smock is suitable for many woven fabrics from fine sheer light-weight silks for some full floaty romance to mid-weight denim paired when winter layering is needed. Great sewing pattern for those with a few sewing skills under their belt. The sewing pattern comes in sizes 6-18.

Buy this downloadable sewing pattern for $16 (AUD) from Pattern Fantastique