Trousers & Culottes

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Spencer Woven Pant from Style Arc
Jude Flare Jeans from Closet Core
Nulse Joggers from Itch to Stitch
Barnham Trousers from Sussex Seamstress
Cosecha Pants from Sew Liberated
Isle Jeans from Chalk & Notch
Peckham Trousers from Liesl + Co
Meriam Trousers from Cashmerette
Riley Overalls from True Bias
Kathyrn Pants & Shorts from Sirena Patterns
Mitchell Trousers from Closet Core Patterns
Culottes from The Assembly Line
McCoy Trouser from Sew Mark Francis
Brampton Shorts from Itch to Stitch
Carlisle Jean from Style Arc
Rowena Jumpsuit and Pants from Victory Patterns
April Trousers from Tammy Silver
Magnolia Pants from The Patterns Room
Helene Selvedge Jeans from Anna Allen
Carolina Culottes from Sew to Grow
Jorun Leggings from Ploen Patterns
Genêt Pants from Deer and Doe
I AM HÉLIOS from I AM Patterns
Aina Trousers & Culottes from Named
Harvester Pants from Sew Different
Joy Vest and McKenzie Pant from Style Arc
Liner Leggings from Pattern Scissors Cloth
Verona Top, Milan Pant and Genoa Bias Cut Skirt from Style Arc
Virginia Leggings from Megan Nielsen
Daphne Trouser from The Modern Sewer
Geran Trousers from ph7 Patterns
Five-pocket Jeans from Wardrobe By Me
Basics Pants from Folkwear
The Culottes from The Avid Seamstress
Vacation Vibes Palazzo Pants from Pattern Emporium
Flare Leggings from Greenstyle Creations
Citrus Leggings from Paprika Patterns
Ultimate Jeans from Sew Over It
Bottlebrush Pants + Shorts from Common Stitch
I AM Sunshine from I AM Patterns
Skinny Jeans from Rebecca Page
Dani Short & Pant from True Bias
Nell Pull On Trouser from Sew Me Something
High-waisted Trousers from The Assembly Line
Poppy Pants from Sinclair Patterns
Bogan Trousers from ph7 Patterns
Melrose Boilersuit from Style Arc
Barry Woven Pant and Archie Woven Shirt from Style Arc
Naia Pants from Tessuti
Metro Pull-on Pants from Sinclair Patterns
Upland Trousers from Itch to Stitch
Tyra Trousers from Ploen Patterns
Millie Joggers from Fieldwork
Plateau Joggers from Closet Core Patterns
Tula Pants from Papercut Patterns
Mapua Shorts from The Sewing Revival
Arenite Pants from Sew Liberated
Claudette Trouser Kit from Dovetailed
Sundial Leggings from Greenstyle Creations
Tatjana Trousers from Just Patterns
Allure Trousers from Atelier Scammit
Darby Pant from Style Arc
Acajou Pants from Deer & Doe
Nellie Joggers and Shorts from Pattern Scout
I AM Panoramix Trousers from I AM Patterns
Peggy Trousers from Sew Over It
The Lounge Pant from The Maker’s Atelier
Sailor Pants from Folkwear
Avalon Pants from Tessuti
Vero Beach Set from Hey June Handmade
Seaforth Pants from Hey June Handmade
Opal Pants from Megan Neilsen
Cavallo Leggings from Greenstyle Creations
The Bastion Culottes from Jennifer Lauren Handmade
Nilma Palazzo Pants & Shorts from Sirena Patterns
Azuki Pants from Waffle Patterns
The Texas Pant from Style Arc
The Arden Pants from Helen’s Closet
Maud Tuxedo Trousers from Homer + Howells
Dylan Pants from Designer Stitch
Papao Wrap Pants from Ready to Sew
Calder Pants & Shorts from Cashmerette
Eddystone Jeans from Itch to Stitch
Couch Potato Joggers from Rad Patterns
Montauk Trousers from Liesl + Co
Pomona Pants from Anna Allen
Nita Trousers from Amy Nicole Studio
The Not So Basic Pants from Ellie & Mac
The Ultimate Jeans from Rebecca Page
The Easy Pants from Wardrobe by Me
Gobi Culottes by Itch to Stitch