The Atlas Mitten from Victory Patterns

These may be the warmest and most stylish pair of mittens you’ll ever wear!

The Atlas Mitten from Victory Patterns has been designed for making with mostly up-cycled materials, such as unwanted knit sweaters, wool, fur and leather goods. There are several fabrication options for you to personalise these mittens to your own taste. The mitten is fully lined and will keep your ten digits warm all autumn and winter while making sure that when you’re packing snowballs, you’ll look good doing it!

There’s a free bonus embroidery pattern that features two beautiful folky floral motifs. These designs go perfectly with the Atlas mitten, especially if you’re making them in a solid colour wool. If you’re new to embroidery, this is a great starter project for you to tackle. 

View 1 has a knit or wool face with leather palm and fur cuff that’s made from either recycled or faux fur. View 2 has a knit or wool face with leather palm and rib-knit cuff. Both of these styles would be very hardwearing too. View 3 has the same main fabric throughout but the fur and ribbing cuff is interchangeable. For this view, it’s recommended that you use wool for the outer layer. Alternatively, you can use leather for the entire outer layer of the mitten.

This is a super sewing pattern for making a gift for family and friends. It’s also great for using up fabrics and also Ideal for recycling unwanted clothes.

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