Trouser Sewing Patterns · 13 Aug 2019

The Cove Pants from Pattern Fantastique

Love the wide leg trouser look? This paper-bag style trousers is perfect for lightweight fabrics

The Cove Pants sewing pattern is a high glam and super comfortable wide leg trouser that’s so popular at the moment. The design is part 1903’s sailor chic and part 1970’s sportswear. The high waist is very comforatble to wear what ever shape or size you are and has a back double layer yoke, the front and the paper bag style gathers is created by double drawstrings over the front between hip pocket openings. The pocket bags are a single layer stitched through to leg with a wrap-over pocket trim detail. Wear as a cropped or floor length.

This trouser style sits high on the waist above the belly button, and the back and sides are cut to fit neatly into the small of the back and sit smoothly over the body. There is a fair bit of curvature to fit around the bottom. The front has gathered drawstring to create the opening. When choosing a size, stick with the recommended size for your hip measurement and then the waistband can be gathered in or loosened off for smaller or bigger waistlines. Pattern sizing includes 6-20.

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