Menswear · 5 Dec 2021

The Unisex Shirt from Modern Sewer

The perfect classic shirt for everyone!

The Unisex Shirt from Modern Sewer is a classic men’s shirt designed to fit anyone looking for a lean and masculine shirt to wear. This is a classic shirt with a neat but fairly broad shoulder and a very straight torso. Instead of narrowing towards the hips like typically male shaped cuts, there’s slightly more room to accommodate the wider hip of more female body shapes. This pattern comes with three different sleeve length options to tailor it to personal needs and the construction process follows classic shirt making methods.

Construction techniques include constructing a classic collar and collar stand, placket and cuffs, run and fell seam, eased sleeve head, patch pocket and standard hem. Fabrics suitable in mid weight cottons in twill or denim weave or a lightweight wool for winter months. The pattern comes in sizes XS2 – XL3.

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