Sewing kit to make '50’s Burlesque-inspired knickers

Inspired by her Mother, early love of sewing and a friend’s suggestion – Michelle Cairns has come up with a gorgeous kit to make bespoke knickers – You Can Sew from Anncancan. These bespoke designs have been perfected to give the best shape and style possible.

The wearer
The wearer can expect to make an exceptionally comfortable piece of underwear that can be treasured.

The sewer
While the maker will enjoy constructing and sewing this stylish underwear. The sizes range between 6-18 and they’ve been inspired by original 50’s sizing so the pattern recommend you choose a size down from what you buy on the High Street.

Fabric choices: Birds of Paradise, Home is Where you Hook Up, The Hunt and Pink Poppy (£18) and Counting Sheep, Ditsy Floral, Rose & Hubble Floral, Gingham and Spotty (£14).

What we thought of the kit:
We made the Hunt kit with the cute hounds on. The kit arrived in a custom-made cardboard box (it reminded me of the Graze box) and had a nice introduction to the brand and included the pattern, cotton fabric, gusset fabric, knicker elastic, ribbons to trim and covering buttons.

You can also buy the pattern on its own if you prefer to make in your own fabrics plus a Notions pack that includes extra trimmings, gussets, buttons etc to make more. It’s a pattern that you’ll want to use and make time and time again in different fabrics reminiscent of the 50’s and Burlesque.

The detailed instructions are well written and quite easy to follow and sewers will learn a range of techniques that can then be used on future sewing projects. Nothing is left to guess work and is all explained in the instructions like applying the elastic.

The instructions are not that easy to read as they’re written in a script style font. However I understand from Michelle that this has recently been changed. Our only criticism would be the instructions are spread over several cards and continue on the pattern paper pieces too and I would prefer to see them in all in one place but that’s probably the editor in me!

Knicker making isn’t something that I had wanted to do but the end result was very pleasing and I really liked the cut away detailing and bows at the side on the version I made. I did make the size down as recommended and the fit was perfect. I think I will be making more!

To purchase, visit You Can Sew AnnCanCan