The Bow Maker

I’ve always thought that making bows should be as simple as tying shoe laces – but in reality it’s a tricky task to get that perfect and even bow. One pair of hands isn’t enough and tying a tight knot isn’t easy either. And how do you get the end of bow ribbons to point the right way?

Embellishment Attic boasts the Bow Maker, a simple but extremely effective tool can give you the extra pair of hands you need to create neat bows every time.

The bow maker package is well presented and consists of a DVD and a tool. It’s priced at £15. This tool has been designed by expert crafter Stephanie Weightman who’s also a TV presenter, designer and well known face in the craft industry.

3. bowmaker.jpg

This comb-like tool can be used to make bows from a wide range of ribbons, strings, cords and lace from 3mm to 100mm in width. You can create single, double and triple stranded bows for all sorts of craft projects.

The instructional DVD is presented by Stephanie and has a running time of about 15 minutes. In the DVD, she takes you through making the simplest of bows, with lots of tips and advice for perfecting more complex bows.

The tool has four lower slots that act like an extra pair of hands to secure, anchor and angle the ribbon correctly, and ultimately hold in position and avoid the ribbon slipping off. It aids controlling the ribbon tail’s final direction, which is important in professional bow making.


  • Excellent for making really small bows
  • Handy compact flat tool that doesn’t take up much space
  • Avoids chunky knots
  • Can be used with different types of ribbons including organza and wired ribbons
  • Makes bows even on both sides
  • Works with single or several pieces of ribbon, string or cord at the same time
  • Uses ribbons straight from the reel so there’s no wastage
  • DVD is great for showing how to achieve double and triple bows and adding buckle embellishments.

A second DVD, featuring more advanced techniques, is coming soon.

This tool reminds me on my Afro comb from the ’80’s that I used (showing my age now!) but really does make bow making a lot simpler and neater! Priced at £15 and available from Fantastic Ribbons with 20m of ribbon to get you started!

Here’s a quick demo on how to use it:

Purchase it here from My Craft Studio on Amazon.