Dior and I – short documentary

Read about the Dior and I docu-film  below but you'll be pleased to know
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Knowing that I was going to London yesterday, I couldn’t resist booking tickets to see Frederic Tcheng’s documentary Dior and I. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but I knew I wanted to see it.

The film followed Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons’ first season as Creative Director at Christian Dior. Raf had launched his own menswear label in 1995, and had now been propelled into the world of Couture! In fact, his first task would be to create his first Couture Collection in less than eight weeks. This short film documents how he went about it.

The film is around 90 minutes and from the moment it started you’re hooked! Raf Simons isn’t what you would expect from a Creative Director, he’s a down to earth sort of guy (as much as he can be in this high profile position), really shy and hates all publicity but his passion for fashion and determination to succeed shone through. He took with him to this prestigious job, his right hand man Peiter Muller. Peiter had assisted Raf for more than 10 years, and his job was to work closely with the atelier.

Raf’s first induction to Haute Couture would be Fall-Winter 2012 and he had already decided to centre his designs on original Christian Dior 1950’s famous New Look silhouettes: the ‘A’ line and the ‘H’ line, and the Bar jacket. His aim was to bring back the emotion to the collection. The film played tribute to the things that Christian Dior and Raf Simon’s had in common and included voice overs from Christian Dior’s biography. Raf wanted this first collection to show that although his previous work had been minimal, really he’s not a minimal designer!

The real interest for me was about seeing what went on behind the scenes in the ateliers and the amazing work these seamstresses do. The film follows quite closely the two premières, who are in charge of the ateliers and important to getting the garments on the runway.

You get to watch the garments go from Croquis sketches to Couture masterpieces with Raf commissioning fabric taken from artist Sterling Ruby along the way. These colourful prints were complex and looked absolutely stunning on fabric.

Whats also amazing and inspired by Jeff Koons’ giant flower puppy and Christian Dior’s love of flowers, Raf filled all the high-ceilinged rooms of a Paris mansion with walls of fresh blooms for his first show – the aroma must have been absolutely gorgeous!

At the end of an amazing show, my heart was in my mouth and I felt for Raf who being quite a private man was so nervous about the idea of walking down the runway at the end of the show and It brought a lump to my throat when he did it! I dare you not to find in truly inspirational!

This documentary is only at a few select cinema’s in London and other major cities. We went to a lovely very personable Curzon cinema in Mayfair which I’d recommend. For screenings, take a look at the Dior and I official website.

Watch the trailer here: