Merchant & Mills Workbook

We've just got our hands on a copy of the stylish Merchant & Mills Workbook
and it includes six everyday sewing patterns along with great instructions

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Those who like making clothes will be familiar with authors Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field, aka Merchant & Mills. They already produce a range of sewing patterns and notions in utilitarian packaging that we've all come to love.

The book has been produced to fit in with this company's simple but stylish branding. The book and collection of six patterns comes in a beautiful Kraft cardboard folder with handy elastic tie to stop your sewing patterns from escaping and getting lost.

The folder contains sewing patterns to sew six all-season garments that will help the reader/maker to create a wardrobe of clothes that can be layered up, mixed and matched. The patterns are all full-size and folded neatly and ready to be used.

Introducing the six patterns - they are as follows:
The Bantam - effortless vest top (or dress) with a boxer back detail
The Curlew - elegant bias-cut long-sleeved dress or T-shirt with short and long-sleeves
The Saltmarsh - simple long gathered skirt with a drawstring waist
The Heron - stylish batwing wrap top
The Haremere - over-sized drop-shoulder jacket or coat
The Strides - classic pair of wide-legged trousers

What's great about Carolyn's selection of patterns is that they're versatile for any season but adaptable to make fashion work for the individual sewer. The way in which the book is presented allows the maker to learn new skills along the way but I think more importantly offers lots of variations and options to make the garment your own.

The step-by-step instructions and wonderful photography is laid out in away that's really easy-to-follow from the moment you first pick up the book. I think my favourite sewing pattern has to be The Curlew, and I can't wait to make up in linen for holiday.

Read Pavilion's Q&A with Carolyn and Roderick from Merchant & Mills here.

Merchant & Mils Workbook
ISBN: 9781909397422
Published by Pavilion

Recommended price is £25 but I've found it on Amazon for an amazing £18.80 so there's a saving that you can put towards your fabric!

The inspirational video below showcases each of the patterns in this book. The only tough decision is to choose which one to make first now!