Our 10 favourite Culottes patterns

Culottes possibly one of the more difficult looks to pull off. But with the sun shining this summer why not dare to be different!

With this trend popping up all over the catwalk and the high street, wearing culottes is becoming more of the norm. The mid leg length trouser, can be made to pretty much whatever length you want it, whether it be grazing the ankle or just below the knee. More and more designs are being made with culotte legs now than ever, jumpsuits being one of them. Comfortable yet stylish, the trousers for doing anything in, subtler colours for wearing to work or day time or even dressed up in the evening with glitz and shimmered fabrics. We have picked out 10 perfect patterns for you to make a pair of culottes. 

Simplicity 1069 View B or E, Retail price £8.15, Sizes 4-20 UK, Simplicity Newlook

Vogue 9075, Retail price £12.00, Sizes 6-22 UK, Sew Direct

Butte rick 6179, Retail price £8.00, Sizes 6-22 UK, Sew Direct

Simplicity 1017 View C, Retail price £8.15, Sizes 6-22 UK, Simplicity New look

Burda 6701 View B, Retail price £5.85, Sizes 10-20 UK, Simplicity New look

Oliver + s – Girl Friday culottes, Retail price $12.95, Sizes 0-20 UK, Oliver + s

Itch to stitch – Emily Culottes, Retail price $12.00, Sizes 00-20 UK, Itch to stitch

Simplicity 8092, Retail price £8.15, Sizes 6-22 UK, Simplicity New look

New look 6446 & 6459, Will be available from the spring catalogue

Julie Bonnar