Indigo Junction - large print option now for PDF's

All Indigo Junction's new pattern releases for 2015 are now available in digital PDF format
come with a large print format option

Modern medley from indigo junction

Digital clothing PDF's traditionally come with the clothing pattern tissue broken into pieces. They're  made to print on your home computer and then taped together to form the large tissue.

For those of us who don't like to tape the pieces together,  Indigo Junction's new PDF clothing patterns now come with an added PDF of the entire tissue in one piece that sewers can be taken to the local print shop. It's currently only available on the new releases so look out for it in the pattern descriptions.

Patterns included are Sophia Swing Coat, Contemporary Kimono, Sidekick Wrap skirt, Modern Medley Tunic & Top, Gathered Back Top & Tunic. Buy these sewing patterns from Indigo Junction here.

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